Solomon Stance in Dealing with Papua as One Part of Indonesia

Solomon Island is not a big nation, but it is still a nation. That means this nation had to make their own stance in dealing with many different nations around the world, including Indonesia and Papua. As one of those nations that are close enough to Papua, their stance will surely change based on the free west Papua movement. That is because if they make the wrong decision, they might have to deal with either Papua or Indonesia. That is why this nation should be careful with the things that they want to do based on the condition there.

Fortunately, after some years of conflict of west Papua and Indonesia about its independency, Papua is finally acknowledged as one part of Indonesia. It was named as the 27th province in Indonesia at that time. That can also be found on the west Papua news. With the released information about this, Solomon Island can surely measure many things and take the proper stance when this nation has to deal with Indonesia or Papua. Yes, they do not need to worry about anything at all.

For your information, Solomon Island is one of those nations that agree with the decision to unite Papua and Indonesia. That means Papua becomes one parts or provinces in Indonesia. Solomon Island also think that this is one of the best solution considering the things that the Indonesian government do to regenerate and to fix things that happened after the west Papua conflict. That is because even though there are still quite a lot of movements and groups in Papua that wanted Papua to be independent, the Indonesian government does not really think that much about taking all of them out. That is one thing that opens the eyes of Solomon Island. That is how a nation should treat this large eastern island.

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